Tanzanian Bongo big shot Alikiba has revealed that hackers at times tamper with YouTube views.

While speaking to the press, the ‘Seduce me’ star disclosed that it could be the reason his new track ‘Mvumo wa radi’s Youtube views stagnated for a while.

He said, “Ni mambo ya wanamitandao sometimes hackers hufanya mambo and issue affects so many big celebs including me imeniaffect huku Tanzania”

The bongor star highlighted that at times Youtube views might not be accurate due to the tampering adding that some artists buy views.

However, Kiba mentioned that once Youtube is aware of the tampering, they fix the issue and the views will later reflect.

Tunajua kabisa kuna hizi bisness za kuweka maroboti katika hizi YouTube, watu wanajifanya wana views wengi na nini. Hivi vitu vipo, tena vipo!, vipo sana tu!, vipo tena sana boss!,” he affirmed.

Anxiety had gripped kiba’s camp with Fans raising concern on why the viewership of his new video was not increasing despite trending in different countries.

The song began well after being published but after a while it notably stagnated before registering a drop.

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Regarding the issue, Kiba said whatever transpired in his new track has not affected his music in any way neither has it tampered with his business.