I want you to marry this woman - Ali Kiba ordered by his mother (Photo)

Alikiba ordered to get married by his mother with a suggestion on the table

Alikiba’s mother has urged his son to get married and not just any other lady, but to the model Jokate Mwegelo.

According to Alikiba’s mother, his son is ready for marriage and therefore should settle down as soon as possible.

“Alikiba’s time to get, married is now. I think he has done everything in his youth; there is no new exploration left. Furthermore, he has four children with four different women. I think it will be wise to look for a woman who will take care of the children. I wish he thinks about it and makes a prompt decision." said Alikiba's mother

Ali kiba's mother noted that she was not supposed to make a decision for him but it was only a suggestion.

“I understand very well it is not up to me to make that choice for him, but I am know he needs to settle down as soon as possible.” said Alikiba’s mother as quoted by Global publishers

She went ahead to reveal that the family choice of their daughter in-law is Jokate Mwegelo who is a model and a businesswoman in Tanzania.

“Jokate is a wise woman. My brother is yet to marry and I would urge him to tie the knot with Jokate Mwegelo” recommended Alikiba’s sister Zabibu

Back in the days, Alikiba and Jokate used to date, but their relationship was on and off.

Photos of Alikiba's Kids


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