Origin of bad blood between Diamond and Alikiba revealed

The rift between the two keeps expanding everyday


The bad blood between Alikiba and Diamond Platinumz has been existing for the past few years with the origin being unclear to their fans.

According to AT, the beef between Platinumz and Alikiba started during a tour to Oman back in the days.

AT reveals that they were in a hotel with Diamond and Alikiba and the two were playing a computer game, and after Platinumz emerged with victory, Alikiba was not happy.

He adds that they confronted each other until he had to come in and rescue the situation, and since then the two have never been good friends again.

"We were in Oman in a hotel called Dream having a good time, Diamond had picked Barcelona while Alikiba has chosen Real Madrid. When Platinumz scored two goals Ali was mad and he promised to look for Diamond on another day” said AT

“Tulikuwepo tupo Oman kwenye hotel moja inaitwa Dream tulikuwa tuna show, kwa hiyo walikuwa wanacheza game, Alikiba amechagua Real Madrid na Diamond Barcelona, mimi nimekaa pembeni naangali watu wanacheza game yao. Ali akawa amefungwa mbili, akawa anataka kupiga free kiki kwenye game Diamond akamsukuma akamwambia halafu mwanangu nakutafuta siku nyingi,”

AT added that people have been always taking sides in the beef between Alikiba and Diamond without knowing the root cause of the problem.

Early on, Fans used to allege that Platinumz and Alikiba were in fight over Wema Sepetu.


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