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Popular kid star causes a fuss on Kilimani Mums for these controversial actions

Kid stars falling off the heady heights of fame and suffering a tragic downward spiral is as old as time itself.

The Young Star

The two stars' famous run-ins with the law and drug problems have been chronicled in various blogs with news of what the pint-sized superstars are up to now worrying their fans.

Closer home, there are fears that Ian Munene known as ‘Almasi’ from ‘Machachari’ has been destroyed by the fame machine. Or rather that is what many members of the famous Kilimani mums group believe.

This is because of Almasi’s new look which incorporates some teensy dreadlocks, a septum piercing and black nail polish. Pictures of him enjoying some ganja with friends did not make things easier and the ‘concerned’ mums thought he was gay due to his new mode of dressing which is very popular with kids nowadays.


“This transformation of Almasi of Machachari though. What do you think mums? " a user posed the question and posted this photo.

A photo which elicited mixed reactions with some mothers asking other members to pray for the child while others erroneously blamed his new look on poor parenting.

However some level-headed members understood that this is what comes with age and that kids nowadays are emulating the looks of Jayden Smith, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Yatchy who are now the style icons. And their looks are skinny jeans, dreadlocks, plenty of tattoos and piercings.

A few of the reactions to Almasi's new look

So mums don’t freak out when your kids is wearing super-skinny jeans, piercing their bodies and having strange hairstyles, it’s the new trend and they will grow out of it


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