Music sensation Cecilia Wairimu popularly known as Amani has revealed that she has no regrets to the things she did before saying Yes to Christ.

The gorgeous singer joined the list of celebs who gave their lives to Christ after she announced she is a transformed being adding that she will sing gospel tracks moving forward.

Speaking exclusively to Pulse Live, Wahu said,“I don’t t regret on anything I count it all joy, my experience will help me inspire someone else, talk about experiences and situations from a more realistic point of view.”

She revealed that unlike earlier she now links up with her friends in a ‘healthier’ environments and not clubs and such like places.

Some celebrities have disowned their music works and some the proceeds they got from secular works. For instance Size 8 detached herself from anything she gained while singing secular songs including her car.

Amani disclosed that she still owns part of the copyright to her secular music but will never perform the songs. She further stated that she hasn’t thought of what she will do with the earnings from the secular music works.

On being asked whether she had written secular tracks that were set to be released before getting saved, she said, “I had written them some she released and some she did not,” adding that she had announced to her crew she is quitting secular music.

Many people have always shared their stories and the people they had to detach with after getting saved. Well, Amani’s case is different. The lass stated that she has not lost any of her friends because they have accepted and respected her transformation.

Her thoughts on the future of the Kenyan gospel music Industry was;

"The future looks good. It’s all about the gospel or the good news. Gospel singers have been pioneers. Most African artists’ music has transcended over the world. I feel they have a lot to offer. Gospel Music is music for spreading the gospel and not really about how many shows you’ve got or how many awards you have received it’s spreading the gospel. The focus I know for most gospel artists is how far the gospel can go."

Moving forward, she will focus on her salvation and spiritual journey and her hair company ‘Diva luxury’. She gained passion on coming up with the hair company after she experienced hair loss. She then founded the crotchet braid company that is doing well so far.

Check out the full interview below:

Exclusive:I don’t regret on anything I did before getting saved-Amani opens up months after on life in salvation