American rapper Desiigner gets robbed and undressed during Nairobi concert (Video)

A frantic female fan pulled down his pants during his concert.


Taking a piggyback ride on a member of the security team, the ‘Panda’ rapper got into the crowd only to have someone jack his sneakers.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! My sneakers, My sneakers, My sneakers, My sneakers, My sneakers,” a frantic Desiigner yelled.

“This is not cool at all ya’ll, I came all the way from America to sing for you and someone out here is trying to take what he didn’t work for. That is not how we do things,” he is heard telling the crowd after the incident.

It’s not clear if the sneakers were recovered but that was not the only crazy thing that happened to the rapper. It seemed that the crowd was not done with him as a frantic female fan pulled down his pants exposing his bare buttocks to the crowd.

Sean Paul ‘Robbery’

For years, sections of the media had claimed that Sean Paul had his phone jacked during his visit to the country in 2004.

The ‘Gimmie The Light’ and ‘Like Glue’  singer was said to have been robbed by fans at Carnivore. Thankfully after close to a decade of the false news, Sean Paul denied the claims by saying he wasn’t robbed he had just misplaced his phone.

“RRR!!! Habari yenu!!! jus want 2 let my Kenyan peeps kno that this headline is totally false!!! i was never “robed” in kenya!!! i actually left my phone some wher while i was ther!!! so really it was me who “lost”it!!! an this was a verry looooongtime ago!!! dont listen 2 rumers an rubish!!! 4 any real news bout me follow or ask me right here on ig an twitter!!! goin 2 post the link 2 this verry untrue story about me in kenya on my twitter now!!! check it out but doe belive the lies!!! blessings!!! RRR!!!” Sean Paul posted on Instagram.


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