Andrew Kibe forced to apologize after girlfriend slapped Kamene Goro

This is what happened!

Andrew Kibe forced to apologize after girlfriend slapped Kamene Goro

Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe has been forced to apologize to co-host Kamene Goro after his girlfriend slapped her on Saturday.

According to Ms Goro, the incident occurred while they were in Elementaita where they spent the weekend.

Kibe, who spoke during their morning show, apologized to Kamene saying that his girlfriend shouldn’t have slapped her.

He went on to state that he does not like violence and no one should do that to another person.

I really feel sorry that what happened on Sato I didn’t like it. I don’t like violence. What happened to you was unfortunate and she shouldn’t have done that. Nobody should do that to any other person and I apologize on her behalf and she apologized to me in the morning,” said Kibe.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro while narrating the incident, noted that the lady who had accompanied Kibe for the weekend was entertaining them, when she started hurling insults at their producer Xtian Dela before turning to her later on.

According to Ms Goro, the lady was on her case to the extent of slapping her, before she was pulled away by Dela and Kibe.

So we’re in Elementaita over the weekend, I was supposed to tell you guys this story but I couldn’t tell you was still ragging a little bit from it. Kibe came on Saturday who knows, nyama choma in tow, maini in tow and the most ratchet thing I’ve seen in my whole life. So this babe comes and were chillin. She starts off by popping off at our super producer Xtian juu anacheka. Matusi flying left right and centre. We go down towards the late to have a nice night time bonfire… this babe that came with Andrew Kibe starts acting crazy all over again; she doing splits, entertaining us alright. I think the devil in her chomokad from I don’t know where so she decided Kamene is my Agenda. So she comes all up in my case. I’m telling akina Kibe guys can you hola at this babe and please tell her I’m not the one. You don’t play with me. You guy in a hot quick minute right across my face. This babe chomoad her hand from the back of her head and descended on me. You know all I felt was heat at first on my face. This whole time, all I could say was, have I just been slapped,” narrated Kamene.

Kibe hinted during the morning show that there might have a slight exchange of words between the two, (Kamene and his girl) before she (Kamene) was slapped.

He also stated that the lady apologized to him.


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