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Don’t be thick! Andrew Kibe warns Rnaze against reuniting with Natalie

This was after Vera held a ‘Patanisho’ session for the couple.

Andrew Kibe warns Rnaze against reuniting with Natalie (Courtesy)

Socialite Vera Sidika hosted Natalie Tewa and her ex-boyfriend Rnaze on Tuesday night in an attempt to reunite the two ex-lovers after their messy public break-up.

But not everyone is rooting for a Natalie and Rnaze reunion and one of them is Andrew Kibe who thinks that Natalie will cheat again as she has what he calls a ‘p*ssy problem’. He claimed that he is holding an intervention for Rnaze and warned him against being thick.

 “This is a bloody mother*cking intervention man. If you know this guy please talk to him. Wanaume we must come together we must stand together. Bro that chile she lied and she cheated on you. She is gonna do it again. Ka alipeana vitu it means she has a p**y problem. If you find out that your woman has a p*ssy problem leave her the f*ck alone. She is never gonna change the p*ssy is the same. So now that she is f*cked and has had a p*ssy problem again she is looking for you. My bro don’t be thick. You guy you will be servicing that p*ssy with other guys forever and ever amen. Ambia huyo jamaa asingie huko tafadhali. If she was f*cked once she will get f*cked again, don’t say I didn’t tell you,” Kibe said in a video.


Cheating accusations

Kibe’s advice comes a week after Tewa was accused of cheating on the cinematographer.

“I have never posted my private life on social media, but let me say this only once to set the record straight for those who were invested. She cheated. I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days...smh. That’s the truth. My heart goes out to all the #BonnieandClyde fans who were invested. I am truly sorry. But life goes on sometimes you swing and miss,” wrote Rnaze.


The cheating allegations pulled out a nasty rumour about the reputation Natalie allegedly had in high school.

According to a Twitter user, Natalie was allegedly cruelly nicknamed ‘Shimo la Tewa’ after allegations of her sleeping around in high school.

While the allegations flew around, Tewa had some allegations of her own. She accused Rnaze of being violent, opportunistic (he allegedly rode her wave) and broke.

“I was basically physically abused yesterday. If anyone saw what happened please speak out. Men should not ever get that far no matter what. If you know Rnaze you know he ain’t shit. Brokest nigga I have been with, always prancing around creating a façade. Selfish AF and always riding on my wave to be famous. If you know you know,” she posted.


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