Anerlisa Muigai responds after being exposed on social media

The Keroche Heiress had this to say.

She claimed that the Keroche Heiress had not credited her for a makeup look she did for her 30th birthday and tried to pass it off as someone else’s.

She also disclosed that putting make-up of Anerlisa was not easy as she took photos during the make-up session to allegedly make Wamz look bad.

The makeup did not please Anerlisa after the photo and she got pissed at Wamz, went to the bathroom in a huff and washed it off and made her repeat the makeup 3 times.

“Halfway through the make-up, she gave me her phone and requested I take a pic of her using a flash. Normally, I do the flashback test after I'm done because all the steps have tied in together and if there are any mistakes, I correct them myself because I have the experience. Tip: Halfway through any makeup look is never a good idea because the client ends up looking a bit weird, to be honest. It doesn't matter your experience as a make-up artist.”  Part of Wamz’s post read.

“She flipped out on me and went to the bathroom to wipe off the make-up so I had to start all over again. She made me start over a number of 3 times in total before she ended up doing the foundation herself which was a real slap in the face!???I mean, why even bother to look for me?! Madharau. ..Mind you, she was always on the phone since I got there so there were too many interruptions and we ended up spending more than the 2hrs allocated. She ended up blaming me for it.” Wamz went on to add.

After all the hullaballoo on social media, Anerlisa has addressed the issue and said that the reason she was late to her own birthday is that Wamz made her look like a clown and so she had to do the makeup all over again.

“I want to apologize for showing up a bit late, sometimes you call some makeup artist to do your make up but end up making you look like a clown, I had to do it all over again after sitting for over 2 hrs and that made me late...Thank you @miss_keysha_makeup for coming through and redoing my make up again.” She succinctly wrote.


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