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Keroche heiress flaunts super-hot body after losing 58 Kilograms (Photos)

58 Kilograms down and she looks like a snack!

“To answer the question on how many years i have struggled with my weight is actually 10 years. I started caring less of what i was eating. To Explain the 1st picture ( 7 years ago) i lost all the weight in just 3 months (35kgs) i was on a strict vegan and juicing diet which i later found was unrealistic and that's why i regained all the weight back. The 2nd picture (4 years ago) I decided to join a fitness camp where we were locked up from food temptations for 5 months and lost about 44kgs. I also had the opportunity of training with one of the best trainers ever @system_synergy (best training techniques) but Unfortunately i couldn't sustain the weight loss as when let to go home i was not shown how to deal with the after-math. I remember when i came back home from the fitness camp, some friends said all sorts of things that i had done including lipo and tummy tuck but i have always been that person who lets people say whatever they want. I never have anything to prove back.” She wrote.

But after losing 35 Kgs in 3 months 7 years ago, losing 44 Kgs in 5 months in a fitness camp a few years later and regaining it all back Anerlisa realized that she had to lose weight the right way, slowly and surely.

And after 2 years of a vegan diet, juicing, patience and gyming 4 times a week she is celebrating the fruits of her success now that she has a body that people go under the knife for.


Photos: Instagram

“Two years later I never thought I'd look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today I am 66kgs from 124kg. It's not been easy but I made it. In January I would like to give everyone, who wants to lose weight, a chance to do it my way and also do it with me.”  She wrote celebrating her progress.


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