Anerlisa Muigai opens up on reported beef with Betty Kyallo

There were reports of being angry at Betty Kyallo's failure to wish her a happy birthday.

Anerlisa Muigai and Betty Kyallo during her birthday (Instagram)

Nero CEO Anerlisa Muigai has come out to address claims that she has beef with Betty Kyallo and that is why she will not appear on her show at K24.

The business lady accused the media of trying to stir up sh*t when she is all about a drama free 2019 and women empowerment.

“I am all about women empowerment and it’s really saddening when I see certain stories go round. I made a light comment about why I did not want to show my life on TV and that's because I prefer my life private now but you media people just want to create conflict between BK and I. What does my birthday have to do with my show appearance? Yes, I did say about not been wished happy birthday but that even news? I mean I also don't remember their birthdays until they post about it... please keep me out of your dramas/created stories and shout out to BETTY KYALLO for your amazing show, I wish you nothing but the best and to every woman out there trying to make ends meet, I pray daily that we all make it to the top . #OnlySpreadingLove #HateIsCheap #WomenEmpowerment#2019DramaFreeYear,”she wrote.

Beef with Betty Kyallo

Allegations that she has beef with Betty Kyallo stemmed from an earlier post where she revealed that celebrities who attended her 30th part snubbed her for her 31st. Betty Kyallo, Janet Mbugua and Lillian Muli were among her V.I.P attendees for her 30th.

In a post she shared on her Instagram page, a surprised Anerlisa said none of the celebrities who attended her lavish, all white 30th birthday party had wished her a happy birthday.

“Can you imagine none of those celebrities who came to my 30TH birthday wished me a happy birthday yesterday,” wrote Ms Muigai in a post that she later deleted.

So when a fan said that she would love to see her appear on Betty’s show Anerlisa disclosed that she declined an appearance and people jumped into the conclusion that she had beef with Betty over the birthday post. This was despite the fact that she made it clear that the reason she doesn’t want to be on Betty’s show because is because she prefers to keep her life more private.

“You look amazing. I want to see you on ‘up close’ weekend with Betty,” wrote the fan and Anerlisa Muigai replied with “I declined as I prefer my life more private now.”


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