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Anerlisa claps back after her hair was called a ‘cheap Dubois wig’

Anerlisa has been known to spend over Kshs 195, 000 at the salon.

Anerlisa (Instagram)

Business lady Anerlisa Muigai got more than she bargained for after asking fans what they think of her new hairstyle.

Unfortunately, fans were not keen on her new look with some referring to it as a ‘cheap Dubois wig’ in reference to some of the pocket-friendly wigs ladies get in shops along Dubois road in town.

“This one no....looks like some cheap Dubois wig,” one comment read with another one adding “I always love your hair but this one it’s a big naay ain't hating tho”


Others told her that its time she outgrew her stylist as she was not doing her any favours with the crusty wigs.

“To the beautiful @anerlisa sometime is good to outgrow people that’s what life is all about different seasons now you are on your next phase of life marriage season congratulations and may God bless your union weddings can be so stressful for a girly tip try For hair visit b_luxury_store I love there posh work you ask @juliegichuru and for Makeup @kristeen_kuria they have never disappointed me and many others natural wigs fabulous. Women let’s learn to lift other women.”

Anerlisa was however not pleased that people were coming for her ‘day one’ and took to her Instagram story to defend her hair stylist.


“Put your tags to rest on your hair recommendations. I am never leaving @janestylist for any other hair. My relationship with Jayne is beyond hair. I have watched Jayne come from a small corner to owning her own salon. It’s so sad that women are always quick to put each other down,” lamented Anerlisa.

She then went on to urge upcoming hair businesses to simmer down and learn instead of bashing other businesses.

“Y’all upcoming hair businesses need to understand that this hair industry is not about making noise and rushing to the top. You open a business in less than a year and you are already attacking people who have been in the business for over 10 years. Business is about being humble and learning to learn,” she added.

Big spender


It’s not hard to see why Anerlisa goes so hard for her stylist, after all, she gives very good discounts.

For instance, Anerlisa once spent a whopping Sh195, 000 on a single salon visit and she got to only pay Sh7,500 for her nails.

Sharing a receipt of her salon expenses, Aner wrote, “When your hairdresser decides you only pay for nails.’’

A receipt that had people clutching their chests because the amount she spent on her hair is the kind of salary people desire for when it comes to their dream job.


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