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Ex-NTV presenter speaks up after Zari embarrassed her at Miss Uganda pageant

The crowd booed at Zari over the act.

Zari and Fabiola (Courtesy)

The search for Miss Uganda went down over the weekend at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel but all eyes were on Zari, for all the wrong reasons.

The self- proclaimed boss lady put up a show that many are unlikely to forget. From refusing to open the envelope containing the top 3 contestants to shoving the envelope rudely at the show’s host Anita Fabiola, Zari had unleashed her inner diva.

“I had to get someone to open the envelope you know I don’t do admin work. Right? I don’t unfortunately. I have assistants. I am that level excuse me. Yes, I am a boss lady #reminder,” she said eliciting disapproving murmurs from the crowd.


When the host Anita asked her to open the envelope, Zari rudely shoved the envelope at her claiming that she doesn’t do admin work.

“Mama, are you gonna do us the honour?” Anita asked.

Pushing the envelope at Anita Zari rudely said, “Girl you are supposed to do the admin work. Hello? Get it out!”

While most people would be mortified by that kind of show, Anita calmly said “No. Be nice”. A comment that forced Zari to simmer down as Anita was is no mood for a fight.


“Please I’m sorry I left my manners for a while,” Zari said apologizing for the poor show.

Crowd boos

The damage had unfortunately been done and the crowd started booing at the Boss lady.

Amid the boos, Zari then took the microphone and started talking about how women should not be enemies of each another and instead, should uplift one another but the crowd continued to boo.


Defending herself, Zari said that she could have been joking but people had taken the matter too serious lywhich was not good and she proposed that they both (Zari and Fabiola) announce the winner of the Miss Uganda 2019 beauty pageant.

This showdown was the talk of the town with many congratulating Fabiola for standing her ground. Others were pleased with Zari’s action and congratulated her for ‘teaching Anita a lesson.’

Miss Fabiola who once worked for NTV Uganda has now taken to social media and declared that she is just not with the drama even as people encouraged her to attack Zari.

“Rise above,” Anita simply wrote responding to all the drama that went down on Saturday night.


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