Anita Soina introduces new doctor boyfriend months after cheating scandal with Terence Creative

Love is a beautiful thing

Anita Soina introduces new doctor boyfriend months after cheating scandal with Terence Creative

Environmental activist Anita Soina, the lady who was at the center of Terence Creative cheating scandal has introduced her new boyfriend to world.

In an appreciation post on her Instagram, Ms Soina showered the new man in her life with lots of praises for being her support system when the world was against her.

“APPRECIATION POST: For loving me ,without judging me and picking me up when the world was tearing me apart. Thank you because in you I found happiness and love. You have made me feel worthy again! Many people from all corners sent you links to YouTube videos telling you this and that about me but you still chose me and supported me in my healing journey. I don't take it for granted. I LOVE YOU BABE ❣❣ #anitasoina #Love shared Ms Soina.

A dentist

Going by the comments left under the photo, the guy in the picture whose name is yet to be works as a dentist at Lake Basin Orthodontic Centre.

In October 2019, Anita Soina hit the headlines, after admitting that she was in a relationship with Terence Creative, despite the fact that he is a married man.

“At first I thought I didn't care, but when it came to threatening my life and all that I had to be scared. At first Chebby threatened to shame me, I was scared because I’m not used to it and I’m not in the limelight like them. At least I asked Terence and he told me Chebby can’t do anything, so I knew she was not going to do anything. I am really sorry to myself, I own up knowing that everybody has untold stories. I'm sorry to self for finding myself in such a situation that has costed me everything dear to me. I'm sorry for letting down fellow ladies and I'm not sorry for speaking up” said Anita.

Terence also owned to his mistakes, stating that his wife was aware of everything that happened between him and Anita.


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