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After Zari Hassan, hackers now take over Anne Kansiime’s account

It seems that hackers are now on a hacking spree.

Despite the threats issued by Zari’s manager and videos of solidarity from Team Zari the 4.2 Million account is still in the hands of the hackers who are now wreaking havoc on it and issuing threats.

Zari is not the only Ugandan star who has been hacked as Kansiime has lost her account too.

“Yesterday someone hacked into my Instagram account. My Instagram handle was @Kansiime 256 and I had over 250,000 followers. I got a call from a friend asking what was wrong with my account. I get my phone, went to the account and it was showing me zero followers, I’m following zero people and even the profile picture is gone, ” She said on her YouTube channel before adding “Let’s have some mercy we know you came to steal kill and destroy but at least leave me my pictures. I found my account a virgin account, it’s like they got it to factory settings.”


The comedian disclosed that her account hacking was a big blow to her as she uses her Instagram as a way to make money. “I was so scared, my arms were shaking I was sweating, I couldn’t believe I had zero followers on Instagram.”

Unlike Zari, Anne has decided not to fight for her account and has created a new account  and is now more vigilant when it come to her account.


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