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I’m straight - Transgender woman Audrey Mbugua speaks out on her sexual orientation

She is one of Kenya’s openly transgender women.

And in that revelation we came to learn that one’s sexual orientation doesn’t change simply because you have transitioned.

“I am into transgender pride, empowerment and emancipation. I don’t prefer the whole thing of LGBTI because it confuses people about transgender people. People tend to think LGBTI people are gays. I am a tranny/ladyboy, I ain’t lesbian, gay, bisexual or intersex but I respect people who identify as such and most of all, I respect all human beings Muslims, communists, Mungiki, Africans, Latinos, KKK, Christians etc. I am a tranny and my orientation is straight/heterosexual. There are those who think I ain’t straight; that is their opinion and that's it.” Audrey disclosed on Facebook.

In an earlier interview with NTV, the activist disclosed that she doesn’t like it when people put transgender people in a box. “There is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian but it is wrong to push people to be gay or lesbian or to take up those labels in order to fit into your perspective of them.” She said.

The activist also revealed that she is interested in equal rights as a transgender person and not special treatment.


“I would like to enrol for a course in the university like anyone else and to attend my classes without being subjected to stigma. I am not interested in being put on a special seat and I’m told ‘Ohh you are transgender you stay here’. Yes, I am transgender but I just want to live like everybody else. But people often think that when you are a transgender activist or person that you want special rights. I want to be able to enjoy the constitutional rights that are there like everyone else.” Audrey said.


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