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Avril Nyambura lands new job

Amazing way to end the year.

Avril Nyambura

Avril showcases her acting skills once again in her new job/role as ‘Nina’ in the movie that was screened at the Nairobi Cinema on Wednesday.

A movie that has been lauded by Kenya Film Classification boss Ezekiel Mutua as ‘quality content reflecting real life.’


“Earlier today during the screening of ‘World Tofauti’ at Nairobi Cinema to be known as Nairobi Film Centre. What an awesome experience watching quality local content reflecting real life!” Ezekiel Mutua posted.

World Tofauti

In ‘World Tofaouti’ Avril plays the role of ‘Nina’ a thief who falls for one of her victims called ‘Hinga’ played by Innocent Njuguna.

The two have their first encounter when Hinga is driving to the airport so that he can fly out and buy a dress for Ciru,  his demanding wife-to-be.


On his way to the airport, his tire bursts and Nina and her gang rob him off his laptop, air ticket and passport. The two later fall in love when Hinga helps Nina escape from the police and she returns his stuff.


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