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Singer reveals why she officially introduced her South African ex as her boyfriend and not her other Kenyan exes

In mid-February there were rumours that Avril has split up with her long-time boyfriend, a South African man by the name Tinashe Leslie Mugadza.

Avril performing at Coke Studio Africa

This was after the two lovebirds spent Valentine’s Day away from each other triggering the tasteless hashtag #poleAvril. A hashtag that came at a wrong time because at that point, Avril’s late dad had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.)

A few months after the hashtag Avril confirmed the break-up and disclosed that they had broken up since they had started getting distant after her father’s tragic passing.

But despite their relationship not making it to the aisle, Avril admits that Tinashe was a serious man and that is why she officially introduced him to the public. Unlike her other celebrity exes like DJ Crème and non-celebrity exes.

“It’s only with my ex that I officially came out and introduced as my man. All these other times I’ve never ever revealed anything to anyone. If I’m dating someone it’s probably on the low-low, because I really don’t like that attention .I’ve always been that artiste if you see me in the club it’s probably twice in a month or twice a year.” She said


Apart from her reserved nature Avril disclosed that Tinashe was introduced to the public because he gave her a ring, which symbolised something deeper.

“People that I dated before were not very serious.” She said in regards to her Kenyan exes , “I cannot profess you are my man if your clearly are not sure if you are my man or not.”

This is because she didn’t want that awkward situation of introducing her boyfriend and yet he is a boyfriend to many other girls.

Check out her interview below:


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