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Award-winning gospel musician Papa Dennis meets tragic death in controversial circumstance


File Image of Papa Dennis with Daddy Owen

Kenyan award winning gospel musician Papa Dennis is dead.

The deceased died on Friday night in controversial circumstances and his body was found by the roadside on Friday night.

His death was confirmed by veteran gospel musician, Daddy Owen who was at the scene where his bdy was found in Pangani near Jubilee party headquarters.

“He was found dead on the roadside near the Jubilee Party headquarters,” Daddy Owen confirmed to a local media house.


The cause of his death remains unclear as to whethe he was knocked down by a speeding vehicle or he took his own life by jumping from a tall building.

Taking to Twitter, entertainer Terrance Creative stated that Papa Dennis’s death should be looked into and serious underlying issues addressed.

“Rest in peace, Papa Dennis. May God protect us, artists. Something must be addressed,” wrote Terence, attaching a picture of Papa Dennis.

"Manzee pages hii January zinakaa Obituaries. Rest In Peace Papa Dennis. Tutaonana Baadaye". Added King Kaka


The Mayaya hit maker won several awards including a trophy in the 2015 Mwafaka Awards, 2016 and 2017 Pulse Music Video Awards, the 2018 African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) and the 2019 Dear Awards.

He also produced several hits, collaborating with continetal artists such as Mr. Flavour and Ray C.

His flamboyant lifestyle was a controversial subject with the deceased insisting that he was not a braggart but was simply using God’s blessings.


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