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Njoki Chege pens down surprising letter to Babu Owino

In her personal message to Babu Owino, Njoki Chege reveals that....

Owino was on Thursday released on a Sh200,000 cash bail after being charged with causing a voter grievous harm.

He was re-arrested on Wednesday moments after being released on Sh500,000 and two Sh1 million sureties over an incitement to violence charge.


He had earlier spent two days behind bars after being charged with subversion, insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta and incitement to violence.

In her Daily Nation Friday column of City Girl, Chege wrote a personal letter to Owino praising the MP for his courage, drive and carving a life out of himself from a poor and humble background.

"I like you, Babu. I like your vim, courage and drive. You are a bit of a “drama queen”, with your silly little antics but all the same, I think I am right when I say you’ve got your heart in the right place.

Many people don’t know how far you’ve come. As someone who has written your story a couple of times before, I know you grew up in a slum in Kisumu. To make ends meet, your beloved mother used to sell chang’aa and engage in menial jobs just to put food on the table.

From what you have told me in the past, you had a rough childhood and started spending nights in police cells when you were still in primary school; when police would crackdown on chang’aa brewers," Chege wrote.


She went on to praise his brilliance and academic credentials and achievements at such an early age.

"Let nobody lie to you that you are not doing well for your age. There are not many 29-year-olds that are in your position. The truth is, you are a young achiever and you have done very well for yourself so far. I would even say you have proven yourself already. On top of that, you have a few things going on for you. You are educated, young, brilliant, dripping with youthful energy and you have a lovely young family," Chege added.

However, the Nation journalist in her typical no-nonsense style, blasted Owino for his insult on the president and ignorance.

"Babu, you ought not to be like those other uncouth politicians. You can cultivate some level of refinement and intelligence. You sat in an actuarial science class and now almost completing a law degree.


It’s high time you stopped behaving like an ignorant, bucolic yokel and started to behave like the leader the people of Embakasi East Constituency elected you to be

It is very disappointing for a young person in Parliament to forget why he was elected and to engage in mindless, empty politics," Chege asserted.

She added it was not too late for the Embakasi East lawmaker to redeem himself before Kenyans and advised him to pull himself together and clean up his act.


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