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Your enemies are in NASA, not Jubilee - Caroline Mutoko warns Babu Owino

You should sit with Joho for lessons - Caroline advised

A grave insult that many agree was a line that he should have crossed as mothers are off limits.

In a statement issued after the insult, his friend Esther Passaris profusely apologized to Mama Ngina Kenyatta over ‘the insult and disrespect meted on her’ by the budding politician after condemning Babu’s grave insult.

“I would like to condemn in the strongest terms possible the utterances made by my fellow MP Babu Owino during our campaign rally in Westlands and Dagoretti North yesterday. No matter how big our differences or how low we think of each other, there is a line that should not be crossed,"Passaris said.


A sentiment echoed by Caroline Mutoko who expressed that Babu went too far with the ‘mtoto wa mbwa’ insult.

“Wives children and occasionally mistresses are off limits. Mothers are not even on the agenda.” She said speaking of an unwritten rule in politics.

And the fact that NASA members allowed him to mete out that insult shows that they don’t really care about him or like him and it is his party members and not Jubilee that will betray him much like Brutus betrayed Julius Ceaser.

“Don’t look over your shoulder for Jubilee because it’s someone in your party who will fix you. The day they come for you, you won’t see it coming but it will come from someone close to you.” Caroline warned.

She then urged the up-and-coming politician to sit down with Joho who has had public spats with Uhuru and learn a thing or two from him about politics.


“Take a lesson from Joho.Have you noticed how Joho is on Uhuru and the presidency but he doesn’t talk about Uhuru’s wife children or mother?And you know why? He plays a long game. Sit with him because Joho will tell you ‘I don’t know whether Bill (William Ruto) and I will be running mates in 2022.” Carol said advising him that to last in politics you don’t burn bridges.

“You don’t know where you will be politically in future; there are lines you do not cross. I am not nervous about what you said, I am nervous for what it means for your livelihood. See, there are gangsters and politicians, politicians will never take away your life they will destroy your livelihood, bit by bit.”  Caroline said.

Before urging him to fix things with Uhuru “Fix it, you got time, because it will not be fixed publicly and your biggest nightmare is wondering when it will come and baba it will even come when you are 38, but come it will unless you fix it. Good luck. You are gonna need it.”


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