Bahati’s wife fuels pregnancy rumours with new photos

Are Bahati and his new wife Diana already expecting their first child?

This is all thanks to Diana’s wedding pictures where she poses in strategic ways that hide her stomach.

From the over-the-shoulder poses to lifting her leg up a little and draping her arm over her stomach to using a scarf all through her wedding shoot people cannot help but think that Diana Marua is with child.

“Mbona Diana anatuonyesha nyuma na the rest wanatuonyesha mbele?” tee_gitau asked with moryltiana adding “Awesome ...nambona anaficha tumbo ivyo ..”

linda.agisu also wrote, “You look nice on that baby bump, why are you hiding it all through?”

c_nzano, however, judged her for allegedly getting pregnant before marriage by writing “ Bible says " no sex without marriage ". But you got pregnant then got married OK.”

Speaking to Pulse on Friday Diana addressed the pregnancy rumour with a very vague answer. Asked for a statement on the pregnancy rumour Diana said “There has been a lot of rumours about that and many other things. Besides, babies are a blessing from God…Since no one can hide a pregnancy, let’s wait and see.”

She also addressed the elephant in the room, people questioning their age difference when they announced their engagement.

“Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Back then, some people said things that were cruel but we are over that and it is none of our concern now. I mean, we have been together for almost two years now having gone through the different phases of friendship, dating and now marriage. We always put it out there everything we want people to know. What they make of it is their choice.”  She said.


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