Inside the beautiful house Bahati bought for Diana Marua (Photos & Video)

Yesterday was by far the best day of my life - Diana Marua

Bahati and Diana

“Blind folded and surprised her With a New Home; a Fully Furnished house - Don't Cry Mama Heaven it's just a Small gift  I Bought to show you how Much I Love you & Our Family, ” Bahati wrote as he gave fans a view of the tastefully decorated home.

In response to the gift Diana wrote a heartfelt message to Bahati that read “Yesterday was by far the best day of my life. I cannot begin to explain how our day ended. To say the least, my emotions were misplaced, I had never lacked words like that before. My heart literally skipped a bit, my legs couldn't hold me anymore, my hands were shaking, my stomach was full of butterflies, my whole body had goosebumps. How he managed to pull that surprise was something I least expected. All I did was breakdown and think of how far we've come, where we are, the things God has done in our lives, everything was unspeakable and overwhelming. You @bahatikenya are Heaven sent! I'm still in shock, how did you manage to pull that off? I wasn't ready! Nothing will ever be enough to say how grateful I am. THANK YOU.”

Here are pics of the house:


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