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Bahati’s ‘prayer partner’ Diana Marua gives an unexpected response on her relationship with the singer

We first came across the striking Diana Marua in Bahati’s video ‘Mapenzi’ where she played the beautiful love interest to the gospel singer.

Bahati and his 'prayer partner'

This was in not in one but plenty of pictures and various media outlets went on overdrive declaring that the two were a couple.

The two never confirmed nor denied what they were and just called each other ‘prayer partners’.

But on ‘NTV Sasa’ we finally got to know who they are to each other.


While Bahati dodged Rashid Abdallah’s question when he sought to find out if the two were an item, Dian was quite forthright with her answers.

“Tulianza na yeye kwa video ya  mapenzi, I got to know him day by day we started the friendship, I got to learn him and understand him and he got to learn me and understand me.  Ikawa tu ni hivo…”Diana said. But after Rashid prodded a little bit further, Dian caved in and said that “Bahati is my best friend…Amenidraw karibu na Mungu. Being with him is a totally different experience he has motivated me to be on this other side (the spiritual side)."

On the other hand, Diana has been vital in the PR and marketing campaigns for Bahati’s record label EMB (Eastlands Most Beloved) records. And she has also gotten to bond with Bahati’s children, so in a way provided a mother figure to his kids. But not in the capacity of Bahati's girlfriend but as Bahati's really good friend.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Bahati and Diana are just friends.


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