Bahati breaks down on live TV [Video]

Mtoto wa Mama!

Bahati breaks down on live TV after question on his mother

EMB boss Kevin Bahati on Friday broke down during a live TV interview.

Bahati who made an appearance on the Trend which was being hosted by singer Anto Neosoul could not hold his tears after he was asked if he thinks his late mother is proud of his achievements.

The father of four said that he works hard every other day to make his late mother proud of the man he has become.

He went on to say that he misses his mother and he thanks God opening doors for him to be where he is as an artiste.

The singer stated that even as he grows as a musician, a lot has happened in between and he has been misunderstood in many occasions because he is trying to do his best, to make his mother proud.

Bahati further talked about growing up in a children’s home and how he felt about.

At times I miss her and even as I’m growing as a musician, at times I’m misunderstood but I’m only trying my best to make her proud. Some stories like they have just said today, I cannot just share with the public but to my mom every day I work hard to try and make her proud. As much as hawa wasee walitake care bado kuna ile love unafeelingi haiko fully. I try but it’s just so hard but I thank God ameopen doors and now I’m here,” he said.

Bahati also disclosed that he lost his mother when he was very young and can’t really remember many other things after, but his mother still remains to be his mother.



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