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Bahati discloses way forward for EMB records after mass exodus

The show must go on.

David Wonder, Mr Seed and Bahati (Pulse Live)

2019 witnessed a mass and controversial exit of musicians and managers from the Bahati-owned record label EMB Records.

Mr Seed was the first to publicly announce his departure and David Wonder followed suit.

It later emerged that EMB’s first signee Weezdom had also left the label after he was allegedly forced out by Diana Marua. As if that wasn’t enough, we came to learn that EMB’s first female signee Rebecca Soki had also left the record label in a disgruntled state due to some misunderstandings at EMB.


Bahati’s manager Kioko also joined the list of talents who had shown their back to the ‘Mama’ singer.

The future of EMB Records

As they say in show business, the show must go on and EMB Records is now on to more ambitious projects.


Speaking on Mambo Mseto Bahati revealed the way forward for EMB records after the mass exodus.

“I was called to serve so in everything I do. He (God) give one a test and when you are tested you emerge stronger and he gives you more grace. He has given me more finances. I am waiting for him to tell me who is next,” Bahati said when commenting on the next musician he will take under his wing.

He disclosed that EMB records is now EMB entertainment as it is now expanding to other aspects of entertainment and not just musicians.

“It’s now EMB entertainment as it is now helping many people, not just artistes . There are new projects we have started that will help differently abled children. EMB is now an entertainment house. We have also been certified as a foundation by the government, Bahati Tena is now a foundation and this will help me help people better as a foundation,” he added.


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