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Drama unfolds as Gospel singer Bahati is arrested over links to Sh200,000 fraud

The gospel singer has been accused of using senior government officials to avoid arrest

A man named Thuranira Kathiai claims that he gave the singer Sh200,000 to start up a business two months ago. However, instead of investing the money, Bahati pocketed it for himself.

According to the aggrieved party, attempts to get back the money have proven futile. Thuranira also accused Bahati of using high ranking police officers to evade payment.

“Bahati obtained Sh200,000 from me two months ago in the guise that we’d make business partners,” Thuranira told eDaily.


Bahati is said to have been arrested on Saturday morning at his home in Ruaka after Thuranira reported the matter to the police at Karuri Police Station, Kiambu on Friday.

“I reported the matter at Karuri Police Station in Kiambu County yesterday (Friday) under the OB number 16/27/10/2017. The said Bahati was arrested this morning (Saturday) at his home in Ruaka. On arriving at the police station, the investigation officer received a phone call from his boss, the OCS, asking him to release Bahati with immediate effect, saying the County Commander had ordered the singer to be released. Bahati was instructed to return to the police station the following day (Sunday) at 2pm.”

Thuranira expressed his frustration and promised to pursuit the matter using a lawyer.“Bahati is using senior government officials’ influence to block me from accessing justice. Bahati should know that he is not above the law, and no one is. I have instructed my lawyer to address the matter. I want to assure Bahati that he won’t escape the grip of law. He has just postponed his arrest.”

In response, Bahati’s manager called Thuranira an attention seeker who is using Bahati’s fame to get traction. He said, “I heard that a man going by the name Thuranira made claims on social media that Bahati defrauded him of Sh200,000. I want to catergorically say that Thuranira is an attention seeker, who is looking for publicity through Bahati. Bahati did not and has not borrowed money from the so called Thuranira.”


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