Bahati speaks on photos of him performing in club with half-naked women

He comes clean!

Bahati speaks on photos of him performing in club with half-naked women

EMB boss and Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has finally spoken on his pictures that surfaced online while performing in a club.

Speaking on NTV’s Wicked Edition, the father of three said that it was true he performed in a club in Gachie, but the photos surfaced online six months after the said day.

The singer went on to say that he was not sanctimonious and there was no way he could stop his fans from taking pictures because people dressed like strippers were behind him.

 “Can I tell you something, hio picha ilirise up a week ago but hio ni show nilifanya six months ago. I remember it was in Gachie and I love all my fans. When I’m performing mimi si holier than thou siwezisema usipige picha juu nyuma kuna mtu amevaa kama stripper. So the moment I saw this photo I was like siwezi judge, I’m not God. Kama God amenipea jina naeza itishwa na mtu picture I think I should be thankful to God. But sasa siwezi anza kuangalia tumesimama wapi hebu ambia huyu dem amaevaa vibaya atoke,” said the singer.

On the spot

His words came after Bahati was once again on the spot after photos of him performing in a club surfaced online.

In the photos that caused a heated debate, the EMB boss was seen in one of the pictures performing with half naked ladies in front of him.

In another photo, the ‘Ndani Ya’ singer was seen taking pictures with the some of his fans in an unnamed club.


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