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Bahati speaks on clubbing weeks after photo of him surfaced seemingly drunk

Bahati speaks on attending discos

His assertions have come weeks after a photo of him surfaced online seemingly drunk. A section of Kenyans were quick to judge him.

In a recent interview, Bahati admitted that he goes to disco clubs. The singer was quick to give his reasons attending nite clubs.

The ‘Ndogo ndogo’ hit maker said that you will only see him in a club when he is performing since he is called for gigs.


“I only go to clubs when I’m performing. When I’m called to perform. Not to chill, performance.”

Regarding why he frequents club, he further stated that in the current generation, people don’t go to Church thus the gospel has to be taken to the people instead and it is what he does.

“I’m growing in a generation that I have to go to the people and give them the gospel. Huyo ni mtu pengine sunday haendangi church. I know I’ll reach them anywhere I’m called to perform?”

Not long ago, Bahati unveiled a new signee of EMB in an event that took place in KICC.Rebecca Soki who was being presented to the public for the first time happens to be the first female to be signed under EMB record label.

During the ceremony, Bahati disclosed that he has so far spent over million on David Wonder, who is another signee of EMB.


David Wonder spoke to NTV. He was asked to give his opinion concerning Bahati's sentiments. His feedback was, "I have been working hard since I started and i am not in panic because i knows time will come and i am confident there is consistency in what i do."


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