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Bahati on the spot as his photos in a club surface online

He performed in a club!!

Bahati on the spot as his photos in a club surface online

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati is once again on the spot after photos of him in a club surfaced online.

In the photos that have since caused a heated debate on the kind of music he does, the father of three is seen in one of the pictures performing with half naked ladies in front of him.

In another photo, the ‘Ndani Ya’ singer is seen taking pictures with the some of his fans in an unnamed club.


In the reactions on social media, some condemned the singer while some came to his defense and tried to justify why it was wrong of him to perform in a club.

Here are their reactions;

@ItsKelvinKalz So Bahati was in a club Ati he was performing... Kama kuna mtu aliokoka from that club, then it was a good course. Lakini kama akiimba hao madem walichora saba, Gloria muliro afanye hio remix ya kitanzi aongeze Bahati na willy paul aache wajitie kitanzi tu

@IamElvisMvoi Not all Bahati fans go to church so stop judging this young man

@anericod replying to @ItsMutai @ItsOrapak Don't associate Christianity with Bahati and willy Paul please


@ItsBensonM So people are bashing out Bahati for performing in a club and taking pictures with those ladies...Please stop that nonsense and shut up even Jesus was washed his feet by a prostitute na dunia haikuisha..Hypocrites

@KeitusPromo Nina Tu swali Moja Our Gospel Artist Bahati Huenda Church Gani?

@maurice_masiga replying to @ShazieKe @BettinaOkinyi and 11 others Haha...let bahati enjoy his youth

@Chikymonster Replying to @ItsMutai Maybe bahati ana madeni zingine crazy na club zinamlipa double ama triple what atapata from church mind you ana madeni bankiko saa mnataka afanye aje wacha akaimbe place anadai wee ishi maisha yako.


@AlexSautet It's very dangerous when the word of the Lord is misconstrued just to justify our weakened actions. Someone would argue that gospel artist Bahati has the right to choose how to live his life all the odds notwithstanding though.

@adembesa05 Replying to @ItsMutai Call a spade a spade not a big spoon......Bahati should declare his stand and stop using God's name in his biz.

@whoisthismuigai Hiyo story ya Bahati ata kwa bibilia Yesu alipoenda kwa Zakayo, watu waliuliza mbona anahusiana na watenda dhambi.....someni bibilia

@BenjiNdolo Replying to @ItsMutai Bahati ni senj sana, ever since he gleefully sat on the throne like a total airhead bimbo of a boy.

@GodfreyNyagol1 Replying to @ItsMutai & who lied to you that bahati is a Christian? Is there any Christianity in him? He is one of the secular music singers


@evance002 Replying to @ItsMutai @bravo70637356 its none of bahati's or anyone else business who your children look up to,they are your children,your problems,your responsibility,,solve them and stoo this stupid escapism nonsense of dragging people into them.......nigggah has a life to live

@LeahInonda Replying to @kemboijustinn @BahatiKenya I don't see anything wrong with what bahati did... How else do you expect him to win souls if not going for them?


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