Kenyan musicians are lazy- Ugandan superstar claims

It wasn't easy to hear...

Bebe Cool

In a straightforward interview with The Standard Newspaper, Iyanya said “I told Jaguar to go out and introduce himself to the media, the same way I told Diamond and Sauti Sol, but he didn’t. I don’t know if he was expecting me to do his job for him, he was just lounging around for over ten days. He did not even make any effort, not even a newspaper interview.”

And it seems that other international artistes seem to share the sentiments that Kenyan musicians are a bit lazy not because they don’t put in the work when it comes to their music but because they are not willing to put themselves out there.

When asked by Insyder who his top 3 Kenyan artistes were, Ugandan superstar Bebe Cool didn’t pull any punches.

“To tell the truth there is Sauti Sol. I would definitely tell you I don’t think I can rate anybody else. Coz basically apart from the old legendary it’s only Sauti Sol that has made sure they have made a name in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Africa.” He said.

He then went on to add “I just met Dela recently and I haven’t even listened to her music (before) so that means Kenyan artistes are a little bit lazy, I usually say that and I’m never shy about it. Because I haven’t heard of Dela before Coke Studio, if Dela has management she has to think twice and move (market themselves internationally) because that is how I will know you. I won’t know when you are there, however good your music is. Success also comes with business and marketing.”

He went on to appreciate Sauti Sol’s  proactive nature and how well they have marketed themselves before adding if one asks him for 3 of his favourites Kenyan artistes, he can only pick one and that is Sauti Sol.


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