Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude opens up on the biggest challenge they faced in their Muslim-Christian union

Kitili and Mude went public about their relationship after 5 years of dating.

Ben Kitili with his Wife Amina Mude (Instagram)

KTN news anchor Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude has for the first time opened up on one of the biggest challenges they faced in their union, one of them being a Muslim and the other a Christian.

According to Ms Mude, they went public with their relationship five years after they started dating and they were already used to one another.

The mother of two revealed that their biggest challenge was however, how to bring together their families (Ben Kitili’s which is Christian and Amina’s which is Muslim), but being together for almost six years, they had worked around how to deal with it.

When we got married, that is five years from the time we started seeing each other, there weren’t any issues between me and Ben it was like the world was coming to know that there is a Muslim and a Christian who’s been married. The trolls didn’t really get to me because I’ve been with him for quite some time. The issue was just from the start getting together from a point where I’m a Muslim, he’s a Christian, bringing the families together that was the issue and since it was five years in, I think tulikuwa tumekasort out at some point,” said Amina Mude when she appeared on Switch TV’s Chat Spot.

Ms Mude also explained that the hullabaloo caused by social media trolls did not get to her despite being too much.

She mentioned that she was forced to delete her social media pages to keep away the negativity from netizens over their Muslim-Christian marriage because her personality is not one to let things just go.

So the trolls were too much but what I did, I thank God that I blocked it out in fact I deleted Instagram and Facebook because I know myself, the minute I see negativity I know it will hurt me and I decided I will not see it,” added Amina Mude.


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