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Saumu Mbuvi's baby daddy attacked

The man who dated Sonko's daughter is in trouble after...

She accused her ex and baby daddy of being a user who ‘moved from one politician's daughter to another for his selfish benefits.’

“I’m just a woman who realized my worth before it was too late .yes we broke up .I’m just too young to go through such bullsh*t of a man moving from one politician's daughter to another for his selfish benefits.” Read part of the post.

Despite the two having a rather messy break up, they seemed to have chosen to amicably co-parent and move on with their lives. But it seems that their fans haven’t because when Benson introduced a new chic on his Instagram, people attacked him for ‘moving on too fast’ and also because they though the post was a jab at Saumu.


After sharing photo taken with a certain lady Benson captioned the photo “Life at times hands you lemons so you can appreciate the sweetness of the best tangerines when handed to you.” And people were quick to conclude that the lemon in this case was Saumu.

“Moved on so fast”  ka_nyambu commented with Mary Ndanu adding “That was quite fast boy.. Go back and be a father, i know you can’t do it better than before.” shiko_babes also wrote “When a man moves on this fast shows that he wasn't committed to his previous relationship!! Anyway none of my business.”

jill.barbara was however super-aggressive with her comment and wrote “Oh please boy f*ck outta here ! You’ll never do better than my friend nkt”

As he got plummeted on social media, njeri_kaana rushed to defend Benson by writing “Ya'll too judgmental.....let him be. None of you know what happened to his past...move on Gatu!!”


A comment which had jill.barbara coming for her “@njeri_kaana nkt we all have a past don’t we? Learn to know the difference between judgemental and speaking facts” njeri_kaana the replied with “@jill.barbara Lol kwani you wanted him to date you?? Get a life and mind your own business”

jill.barbara then replied with “@njeri_kaana excuse me. Listen to yourself and take several seats. You sound dumb as f*ck and I’m sure you look it too! It became my business when he dated my friend and she bore his child. I don’t have time for your shallow minded head nkt.”

The exchange went for long forcing Benson to speak up and clear the air by revealing that the post was not aimed at Saumu “Kindly note that everything I write on my wall is never about my relationship or love life. In fact 95% of what I write is about my life and lessons I've learnt across social, political, academic life. I respect my ex and she knows me well to know this was not about her. So, before you criticise next time, take your time to understand the statement.”


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