From Sarah Hassan to Jacky Vike, here are a few chic ladies you should follow:

Check them out below :

1. Tracy Wanjiru

Tracy rose to fame through Kagwe Mungai’s ‘Biggest Fan’ video where she was the video vixen. She currently hosts ‘Teen Republik’ on NTV. She is also an MCee and a personal style blogger.

2. Jacky Vike

Her fashion style in ‘Papa Shirandula’ show is very questionable but away from the Citizen TV show Jacky Vike always wows us with her street wear and personal style.

3. Victoria Kimani

This Chocolate diva is on a level of her own when it comes to style, she continuously raises and sets the fashion bar. It’s no wonder she was picked by Elan Red stores for their Summer 2017 collection.

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4. Lyra Aoko

Though she spends more time behind the camera than in front of it, in those rare moments we see a photo of Lyra, we cannot help but be amazed by this chocolate beauty.

5. Anita Gaitho

It wouldn’t be a fashion list without one of the best bodies around now would it? Anita Gaitho has a fabulous body which she dresses in clothes that make you go whoa!

6. Fena Gitu

Fena is proof that even a tomboy look can be very sexy and more ladies should embrace it just like Fena has. I mean just look at her.

7. Joy Kendi

There is a reason why she is the most sought after style blogger around, because her personality, body and her style are popping!

8. Lisa Gaitho

It seems that fashion runs in the Gaitho blood as evidenced by Lisa’s and Anita’s fashionable looks. The twins have put their refined tastes to good use and established Siri Studio a clothing brand.

9. Fawwie Sol

This make-up artiste and stylist looks like she shoots in the middle of Paris and her clothes look like something that should be on the cover of Vogue.

10. Sonal Maherali

This fashion blogger and You Tuber and mum of 4 often gives us fashion envy with her amazing collection of luxury brand items like Giuseppe Zannotis, Chanel bags  and other designer items.

And unlike some people who have expensive stuff but don’t know what to do with it, Sonal always knows how to work her designer items into her outfits without looking too flamboyant.

11. Sarah Hassan

Mrs. Dale's impressive style has been chronicled all over Instagram and on 'Mashariki Mix' and 'Discovery +254'

12. Bridget Shighadi

This petite beauty rose to fame as the pretty young thing on Nick Mutuma’s arm but she has risen to become a reputable fashionista and influencer.

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