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Betty Kyallo angers fans with latest stunt

She pulled a stunt on Friday!

Betty Kyallo angers fans with latest stunt

Before they officially unveiled her, K24 ran a hashtag (#MysteriousVIP) whose identity they said they would reveal later on Friday night.

As fans waited to see who the Mysterious VIP was, many of the fans expressed their disappointments with the way the Mediamax station had fooled them when Betty Kyallo was revealed as the ‘Mysterious VIP’


Here are reactions from angry fans;

Journalism in Kenya is on a whole new trash level. A woman reports to her new station, comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some nonsense and everybody is all up in arms about it!!! You cannot find this crap on CNN, BBC or AL Jazeera.

so who was this . This country is big joke

[Was 's ? They didn't show anyone coming out of the limo...]

So saw usnknowingly do this worst mistake?


I will never watch . will remain my favourite.

K24 Should now consider hiring Jackie Maribe for me

The first day on na umeanza kutuonyesha mapacha. Betty, you want me to backslide again? Aki tutaambia nini aki

Twitter head girl was the mysterious VIP...proceeds was thing Narcos

Hustler's strategy of advertising his channel , all those hired limos, convoy....our tax


Yaani naacha kuona The Flash juu ya ......Mnafanya naumwa na kichwa

The Police always arrests one if found giving Wrong information, used Police escort to lie to the nation about a who was never shown but cant provide escort to vehicles prone to hijacking on our roads. Hio ni criminal

i hope was watching that convoy..I thought he should have watched it.


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