Betty Kyallo talks about the funniest comments she received over alleged Dubai trip with Joho

Just take care of Baba

Betty Kyallo speaks after claims by KOT that she had accompanied Joho to Dubai

Last week, Flair by Betty CEO Betty Kyallo was a trending topic in Kenyan, after KOT alleged that she had accompanied Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to Dubai to visit former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In the latest episode of Betty Kyallo Lately, the news anchor highlighted the funniest comments that she saw when her name was trending at number one on Twitter, saying she couldn’t help it but burst into laughter.

She pointed out that her funniest comment was when somebody said "Betty it doesn’t matter if you are en route to Dubai or already arrived in Dubai, just take care of Baba."

Just take care of Baba

Ms Kyallo further stated that she never knew a handbag can make somebody trend at number one on Twitter, promising to give her fans a detailed review of all the funniest comments she saw that day.

“Last week nimetrend the whole day, I was just watching that trend and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen this year. Yani the comments I was seeing, I will review most of those comments and tell you what I thought about them, but the most-funniest was when somebody was like, ‘Betty it doesn’t matter if you are on route to Dubai or already arrived in Dubai, just take care of Baba’.

The comments were funny, I was just reading them and I was laughing my a** off, but am gonna do a special about it, coz sometimes when am trending. I read some of those things and I am like hawa watu wameona tu niko na handbag inakaa ivo. I never knew like a handbag can make somebody trend the whole day on Twitter at number one…

But it’s all good, for those people who normally texts me at pole tunaona umetrend the whole day, these things for me are comic relieve, they are so funny. Mimi niko hapa hustling at Flair, nikatoka Flair nikaenda meeting Kiambu Road for a client meeting which I ended up getting a serious business deal…but I love you guys,” said Betty Kyallo.

I'm not in Dubai

On July 9, 2020, the media personality refuted claims that she had traveled to Dubai with Joho.

“Hey what’s up people, I hear I’m in Dubai. Guys I’m not in Dubai, I’m actually going to have some delicious nyama choma. And you know I have a business to run I can’t be gallivanting everywhere. We are going to have lunch guys so chill,” said Betty Kyallo.

The dilemma around the Dubai trip started when KOT spotted a lady’s handbag in a number of photos that had been shared by MP Junet Mohamed and Governor Joho.


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