Betty Kyallo’s message to fans who defended her after online bitter rant

I appreciate every one of you - Betty

Betty Kyallo’s message to fans who defended her after online bitter rant

Media personality Betty Kyallo has come out to thank the people who stood with her and defended her after an online bitter rant where she condemned haters dictating how she should live her life.

In a series of Insta stories, Ms Betty appreciated them for being kind, supportive and understanding, in a world filled with judgmental people.

She prayed that they get people to uplift them when they are at their lowest moment.

But I just wanted to say everybody who has shown a lot of support and concern and lot of loves and hugs and kisses, virtual hugs and kisses. I honestly really appreciate every one of you, I really appreciate that out of a hateful world you can actually take time to uplift somebody and I really appreciate it, and I hope that even for everybody who has shown that to me, I pray that one day when you are down, there will always be somebody to uplift you too. Thank you so much I appreciate it” said Betty.

No human is perfect - Shaffie Weru

After her viral video, fellow celebrities including Human rights Activist Boniface Mwangi and Public figure Shaffie Weru defended the K24 presenter saying that she didn't owe anyone an apology.

"Pax attacking Betty Kyallo need to chill out and find another hobby....No Human is perfect we all have our imperfections en everyone is dealing with some type of shit!!! Let he without sin cast the stone first (stone first) Let’s not just hate for RT/Likes Goodnight!!!!” tweeted Shaffie Weru.

Its better to real than to be perfect - Michelle

Marini Natural's CEO Michelle Ntalami also came to her defense shaming those who trolled her. Ms Ntalami revealed that Betty didn't have to live to their expectation just because she was their role model.

She encouraged them to pick the good from her and leave out the bad adding that no one was perfect and it was better to be real than perfect.

"Been seeing a lot of flake lately towards my girl. To those trolling and bashing her for her very candid video, you choosing someone to be your role model does not entail them living their life according to your expectations. Pick what you love about them and leave out what you don’t. The same goes for me. Its better to real than to be perfect, and that’s exactly what B is. That said, drink on me after Rona keep queening my ladies I got you" said the CEO.

This comes a few days after Betty lectured critics saying that she had a right to live life how she wanted regardless of whether she was a role model to people or not.

The mother of one went on to say that there was enormous pressure in the media industry adding that she was her daughter's role model and that's what mattered the most.

“My family is very protective over me and they are like Betty why are you gong live right now… I’ve had a drink and people are saying you cannot have this much fun cz wewe ni role model f*ck that shit, me I take care of my jobs. Ivanna I’m her role model. Eti you are my daughters role model so don’t go to the club, i wanna go the club, i wanna have a good time, the pressure in this f*cking career is horrible and this chiq is saying end the video because I’m saying the truth I’m not gonna end this video whatever the blogs are gonna say about Betty or Betty Kyallo ... f*ck off f*ck off bloggers " said Betty in the video.


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