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This throwback photo of Betty Kyallo will give you hope

Ya Mungu ni makubwa!

But she wasn’t always full of glitz and glamour as evidenced by an awkward picture taken during her teens. “Watu hutoka mbali. This was my Sunday best. Save this as a testimony.” Betty captioned the photo.

Who would have thought that this little girl would grow up to be the Queen of Prime Time News?

Certainly not her fans who had this to comment about the TBT:


faithwrm: Wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu

Nicelicious: Pesa ni sabuni

Mzilaisadia: Hehehehe lemmi save this oooh,so sure hapa ulikua unajua KDF ninini

korir_benson: You are now more beautiful and hotter than then. You are more blessed now

Frakerubo: @bettymuteikyallo. From grass to grace but still looking good


bravoo.john: Enyewe pesa mambo yote

susanmbithe: aki you've made my afte wololo tbt manenos

jkeygen: Lots of changes but the smile still remains a genuine one.

Iamedutush: Uaiiyaiyaiyaiii!!!... @faiey_ cheki vile original copy ni kali? Anakaa kuimba choir tu

barasageoffrey5: Praise God for this far that He has brought us, and say Big Amen!


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