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Bey T: Tanasha Donna responds over stealing phrase “Kenya to the World” from Rapper

Cat fight Alert!!!

Tanasha Donna and Bey T

Media Personality cum musician Tanasha Donna is in a heated beef with rapper Bey T, over allegations that she stole the “Kenya to the world” phrase.

Rapper Bey T has been throwing shade at Ms Donna after she used the phrase in her new song.

She went ahead to drop a diss track dubbed “Don to the Donna”, calling out Tanasha for wave raiding on her creation, claiming she (Tanasha) doesn't care about Kenyan music.


"Someone tell Tanasha Donna to stop wave riding. It’s about clout chasers using the phrase when in reality they don’t give a fuck about the Kenyan music scene or the Kenyan music industry.” wrote Bey T.

Tanasha responded to the allegations and diss track saying “I hear they wrote me a whole Love letter ..I’m flattered.”

She also mentioned that there is so much hate in the Kenyan music industry with people claiming phrases that have been in existence for so long.


“Too much hate in this world. Jealous is a disease... they all start beef over a phrase they think they invented. A phrase used by so many artists in the 254. Beef over saying “Kenya To The World” as in when the homie called me to say that why she is beefing I was like what? What’s wrong with this world tho. What happened to empowering one another smh,” Tanasha responded.

Ms Donna pointed out that such baseless beefs are the ones derailing the Kenyan music Industry behind.

"@shaqtheyungin @barackcuzzi go collect your clout chasing little sister who’s imagining beefs that don’t exit. Interview Who Abeg I don’t know you the way you want me to I’m sorry. This is why Kenyan music industry doesn’t grow. But she is young, she will grow up” added Ms Donna.


The beef has elicited mixed reaction with a section arguing Bey T is seeking cheap media attention to boost her career, while others argued that Tanasha has found her footing in the industry due to Diamond's fame.


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