Billionaire Vimal Shah reveals why he doesn't believe in romance

Manda Shah gets no roses or chocolates....

Vimal and wife Manda

Due to his humility, Manda has in the past revealed that Vimal has influenced her to be a better person while Manda has, in turn, offered support in his work and comfort especially due to the social media trolling and pressure that comes with being a man of his status.

For years Vimal was the CEO of Bidco Oil Refineries, the biggest manufacturer of edible oils in East and Central Africa and enjoys a lion's share of 49% in the edible oil market in Kenya.

And according to Forbes, Bidco boasts of over 51 Billion Kshs in annual revenues so one can obviously tell that Vimal is a man of means and can get his wife everything she wants.

But despite his enormous fortunes, Vimal revealed that he does not rely on material things like roses, chocolate and modern romance to keep the spark alive. In fact, he admits that he has not been much of a romantic as he feels that sometimes romance can be too cosmetic and unconditional love is more important rather than romance and gifts.

“Are you romantic?” Drum Magazine sought to find out in their May edition.

To which the ex BIDCO CEO replied with “Well it’s only fair that you ask my wife Manda. However, if you are referring to acts such as buying roses, chocolates and sweets at every waking movement, I don’t do that. So in that context, I am not romantic because I find it a little too cosmetic. I find that giving unconditional love from deep within is the best gift you can give your partner.”


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