As the world mourn the death of one of Africa’s richest men Dr. Reginald Abraham Mengi, his love story with former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi can’t be ignored.

Before the sudden death of the renowned industrialist and media Mogul, he had left a heartfelt message to his wife that will now serve as his last words ( public) to the mother of his two kids.

In a short video uploaded on Jacqueline's Instagram page, Mengi described his union with the former model as a match made in heaven.

“Our wedding or our marriage was a match made in heaven, that’s why it’s so special. If God was to call us today, I would ask God for permission, to see if it’s possible for me to marry her in heaven. So that forever and ever she will be my wife” says Mengi in the video released during their 4th Wedding anniversary.

Reginald Mengi with his Wife Jacqueline Mengi
Reginald Mengi with his Wife Jacqueline Mengi

My Husband

Jacqueline responded saying “I can say some of the happiest moments in my life I have shared them with you. And I’m very proud to call you my husband,”

In several interviews, Mengi often described K-Lyn as a complete package and a loving partner.

“She loves me so much; she cooks, washes my clothes with her own hands and not a machine; she respects and knows my position as a man and husband. She also knows her position as a woman and wife,” said Mengi.

Reginald Mengi with his Wife Jacqueline Mengi
Reginald Mengi with his Wife Jacqueline Mengi

Key to my life

On her 39th birthday last year, the 75-year-old showered his wife with praises, as the holder of the key to his heart.

“My love, my darling wife, my best friend, the holder of the key to my life, it is always “better late than never” Happy Birthday my Baby. Thank you for giving me a reason to live. I love you crazy,” reads a tweet from Mengi.

Dr. Mengi is married to former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Mengiand together they have two children. The two got married in a lavish wedding in Mauritius back in 2015, a union that provoked a huge debate in Tanzania due to the age difference.

Reginald Mengi with his wife and Kids
Reginald Mengi with his wife and Kids

East Africa TV

Mengi was a renowned businessman and the Chairman of Confederation of Tanzania Industries, IPP Gold Ltd, Media Owners Association of Tanzania, Executive Chairman & Owner at IPP Ltd. and Chairman of Handeni Gold.

Through his IPP Media Group owns 11 newspapers, radio and television stations as well as internet properties (East Africa TV, Capital TV, Radio One, East Africa Radio, and Capital FM).