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People across the world change profile pictures for 24 hours to show solidarity with Africans suffering in China

Solidarity with Blacks in China

Black China: People across the world change profile pictures for 24 hours to show solidarity with Africans suffering in China

On Monday a good number of people across the world changed their profile pictures on Twitter and other social media platforms to Black to show solidarity with Africans being mistreated in China.

Under the hashtag #BlackChina, people expressed displeasure in the manner which Chinese people have been treating Africans living in their Country due to Coronavirus pandemic.

In recent past, Africans living in China have been evicted from their homes by landlords and turned away from hotels and malls, despite many having no recent travel history or known contact with Covid-19 patients.

Some Africans in China are being subjected to mandatory Covid-19 testing plus being quarantined at their homes for 14 days’ despite having no symptoms of the novel Coronavirus.


The mistreatment of black people in China is what prompted Netizens to team up and condemn the xenophobia behavior under the tag #Blackhina.

Reactions for Netizens

@BosiboriKE “We Stand In Solidarity With Our Black Brothers and Sisters Stuck and Suffering In China, We Pledge To Put Up The Greatest Online Mobilization and Sensitization About Your Agony Until You Are Brought Back HomeVIVA!!!#BlackChina”

geraldngaopk “Africa has never needed the World. It's the world that needs Africa. African leaders must be taken to account. What have they done About the racism and discrimination against Africans in China and elsewhere? *It's a Bomb Bomb* #BlackChina”


@dan_mose1 “What keeps you from changing your Avi to this? Let's stand with Africans in China #BlackChina”

@jahkid_dan “We stand with our brothers and sisters being mistreated in China #BlackChina”

@IhaVictors “Let's use the social media platforms to push for a change among our colleagues in foreign countries.#Blackchina”

@FlorianMusau “#NewProfilePic Let's support all those Kenyans Flag of Kenya and every other African out there in China who feels discriminated. Change your Avi to show them that we keep them in our thoughts and prayers. #BlackChina #WeShallOvercome”


@AfyaCentreCrew “And the suffering our brothers and sisters are going through in China Flag of China is enough reason to wake us up and elect sober leaders who are not greedy and corrupt Weary faceBroken heartleader who value and cares for the interests of the people #BlackChina”

@danielmarven “Africans are known for resilience and unity. I am calling on all my African brothers and sisters to come together and change their profile pics to the image below for 1 day as a show of unity to all the blacks suffering in China. #BlackChina”

@lorkodi “Chinese and racism >>>>>>>>>>>>tweet for our brothers and sisters being mistreated. #BlackChina”

@Itsmadollar “Africans in the southern Chinese city of Guanghzou say they have become targets of suspicion and have been subjected to forced evictions, arbitrary quarantines and mass coronavirus testing #BlackChina”


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