Bonfire Adventures' Sarah Kabu reveals messages 'slay queens' have been sending her husband

We share our Passwords -Sarah

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu

Bonfire Adventures Managing Director Sarah Kabu has disclosed the messages 'slay queens' keep sending her husband Simon Kabu since getting her a range rover, as a birthday gift back in 2017.

In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Ms Kabu mentioned that as a couple they share passwords and she can access all the messages ladies keep sending to her hubby, with intentions of making out with him.

She mentioned that just the other day, a slay queen reached out to her husband stating that her goal in 2020 is to go out with him.

Make it Happen

“After getting the Range Rover, so kila Slay queen akimuona siku hizi pia mimi nataka hta ka Vitz. Hata nilikuwa nasikia walikuwa wanaulizana kwa Internet ati nampea design gani mpka nipewe Range Rover.We receive a lot of DM’s especially in his account coz we both have logins of each other’s account. By the way that is what I advise couples if someone is hiding his passwords, take it as red alert. So like new year I was running his account, then a slay queen sends a message like; Happy new year Simon Kabu, this year my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen,” said Sarah Kabu.

Asked on whether her hubby has ever cheated in their relationship she said, “I don’t know but so far so good.”

Being hit on by young boys

Given her status, Ms Kabu also said that she gets hit on by young boys looking for ‘sponsors'.

“Especially when I drive around in my Range Rover, like there are some young men who know specific points where to get rich women and they hang around those places, and they will always try to make their moves. Sometimes you are even with your kids and they try to make their moves. It’s very worrying, with the young generation, pia wasichana wadogo warembo, mpaka nasema ningekuwa mrembo kama wao I will not waste my beauty with some old men out there,” added Sarah Kabu.

Last year, Sarah hit out at critics who camp on Kilimani Mums and Chitchat for Nairobi Mums to shame and gossip other people.

“You spend your time online gossiping. If you want to gossip about people it's okay, life is not always serious business so udaku saa ingine ni important. Its therapy. So usiskie vibaya but also try and spread some love, what have you helped people online with? When you attack people with time you became bitter. There is a statement that jealousy is the last stage before you become a full-time witch. There are some people online who are spreading a lot of hatred, maybe they are depressed or going through a hard time ebu jaribu for once to spread love and encouragement and you will also start feeling better,” she said.


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