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Bored Fools - Tanasha Donna claps back at those alleging her names are fake

Tanasha Donna amechoka

Diamond and Tanasha (Instagram)

Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend Tanasha Donna has clapped back at Netizens alleging that “Tanasha Donna Oketch” are not her real names.

On Tuesday, an angry Ms Donna was forced to put up a photo of her Passport bearing all her three names in the quest to put the debate surrounding the authenticity of her three names to rest.

“For all the fools who seem to know my life story better than me and who claim fake my names, birthday and age. Bored Fools. Imagine people say I fake my names, Birthday, my age yaani people are bored FAM,” Wrote Tanasha.


Dating Diamond

Tanasha Donna parents are of African and European descent, that is Kenyan, Luo to be specific and Italian.

She grew up in Kenya until she turned 11, and left for Europe then Belgium, where she spent most of her childhood life. While in Belgium, Tanasha studied tourism, which allows her to speak five languages quite well, that is, English, Swahili, Dutch, Spanish and French.

She started dating Diamond in November 2018 and since then, her popularity across the borders has skyrocketed.


“I love you Tanasha. She is cute even from her shadow. Trust me she is in love. She doesn't wanna give me space. Poor lian in Love. Ciao. Wadau Bado niko MTWARA, nilikuwa nakula bata kidogo na Mke mtarajiwa,” the first post Diamond made about Tanasha.

Vera Sidika responds

Just the other day, Socialite Vera Sidika was also forced to produce her Birth Certificate to prove to her fans and followers that, her real name is not Veronica Shikuku Shikwekwe.


“Name my parents gave me was Vera not Veronica it’s clearly stated on the birth certificate. So y’all stop saying I should accept Veronica. I just said that because people assume Vera means Veronica (These uptown villagers)” wrote Vera Sidika.

She has also confirmed that she indeed is 28 years.

"Today is actually the first time I am seeing my birth certificate don’t even know why I smiled after receiving the image I was imagining little me lool. I need my baby pics now My mom never lets them leave the family album," she said


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