Top Kenyan Celebrities who married their fans (Photos)

They are living the dream!

Some are lucky enough to meet their celebrity crush and enjoy a hasty romance before they are dropped for the next shiny thing but others are lucky enough to convert that whirlwind romance into a lasting marriage. Such as these celebrities.

Here are top celebrities who settled down with their fans:

1. Juliani and Brenda Wairimu

Juliani and Brenda have been together for more than 4 years and have a child together so they are practically married.

The gorgeous actress is a hip-hop head who disclosed that she was a huge fan of the star and even braided her hair to match Juliani’s so she could shake her head like Juliani during his concerts. Unlike popular belief, Brenda was the one that slid into Juliani’s DM where they bonded.

“I actually met J on social media. I slid into his DM. You might not know this about me, but I love rap, hip-hop and all that and I was a big, huge fan of his and I used to do short braids when I knew he was going to perform so that I can shake my head. So when I got to the industry I was like, maybe now I can get to meet this icon, this person that I really enjoyed his music. So I was like, hey I like your music and what not and the rest is history.” Brenda revealed on the Let’s Talk Show.

2. Juacali and Lilly Asigo

In a recent interview on the Dr Ofweneke Show, Juacali revealed that his wife Lilly started out as a fan. He spotted her in a crowd at a college concert as she was singing all his songs word-for-word and that really amazed him. She later came backstage to take photos and that is when Juacali talked to her for the first time and as they say, the rest is history.

3. Jamila Mohammed and Husband

Jamila Mohammed’s husband spotted her on TV and fell in love with her and they are now counting more than a decade together. We don’t know much about the husband expect that he was once a fan since Jamila has been known to keep her private life under wraps.

4. Mwanaisha and Mungatana

Despite being one of the hottest politicians during his time Mungatana had to struggle to get the TV beauty, in her own words Mungatana really ‘sweated’ to get the famous TV siren.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo, Mwanaisha said “He worked hard to get me, alitoa kijasho. Alinitafuta. Alipata simu yangu mpaka akaipata na kunipata haikuwa ati ‘I love you’, he worked hard to win me, to win my trust.”


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