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Bridget Achieng defends herself following outrage over nude maternity shoot

My life my choice!

Bridget Achieng (purpleapplestudio)

As she awaits the arrival of her son Sekani, Bridget Achieng decided to go for a sexy maternity shoot.

And in two of the photos from the shoot, Bridget is stark naked.

“You definitely begin to appreciate life more WHEN you have one growing inside of you ,It’s so beautiful you guys,this king has humbled me tremendously and i want to thank EVERYONE whose been there for me, because this JOURNEY has not been a walk in the park, but it has made me who i am today, out with the old in with THE new,”  Achieng captioned one of the photos.


The photos have elicited a heated debate on social media with some people even body shaming her in the worst way possible.

Following the outrage, Bridget has made it clear that she doesn’t care what people think about her as it’s her body and her life.

“ Shida ya watu tu ni nini?? This is my life my choices..sijaomba mtu hii kenya food pampers....and GOD sees me worthy ...whoever feels worthy to judge me not knowing me ...he /she will be served, ” She wrote


She then went on to add “Imagine si funny ....I'm just shocked a whole 3 days people won't go around there business because i posed body, my baby, my life my rules.”


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