Bridget Achieng addresses claims of sleeping with men for extra cash

If you have to enter here, you have to be my blesser!

Bridget Achieng addresses claims of sleeping with men for extra cash

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng, has come out to address claims of her sleeping with men for money. From her YouTube videos, the diva said that people often judged her wrongly because she likes men with money.

Bridget gave this response after a fan asked her whether she was sleeping with men for extra cash.

Many are the times I have been judged because I like my men with money. Is it a mistake? Is it my fault that I get men who have money?" she asked.

She went ahead to reveal that she cleans her privates with very expensive products and therefore cannot give it for free.

My pu**y is washed with very expensive soap. It’s cleaned well. It’s a clean pus*y, it’s an expensive pu*y. So wenye wanataka kupatiana hivyo, you go and give yours for free, mine has a price tag. I’m not sorry. if that means me being a hoe, it’s okay. If you have to enter here, You have to be my blesser. It’s not bad to have a price tag. Afadhali uitwe malaya,” she added.

The businesswoman told ladies that it was better to be a hoe than give out for free. “Wakislide in utanunua mafuta na nini? Utanunua sabuni na nini? It doesn’t matter. Whatever makes you sleep at night. Its fine by me.” Said Bridget.

Baby number two?

The voluptuous diva also made it clear that she wasn’t pregnant, adding that she had not fully recovered from having her first child.

Bridget went on to say that she would like to have a house full of babies but circumstances cannot allow her because she gave birth through Cesarean section. She revealed that she could only give birth to three more babies.

Yaani kuna vitu nasoma hapa nachoka. Is it true that you are pregnant again by your first baby daddy? Pregnant again? You guy, tumbo yangu ilikatwa tu juzi, sijapona. I am not pregnant again but to be honest, I want a house full of babies. A football club. Yaani I need babies or a rugby team. Ningekuwa naweza zaa watoto 12 ningezaa but unfortunately I can only be able to get four and the fourth one will be by God’s grace. So trust me, I’m gonna give you three more babies and no I’m not pregnant with my baby daddy.” she said.


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