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Kenyan student's night club idea lands him Sh7.5M in global competition

Jesse Mugambi's innovative night club idea emerged the best among submissions from over 50 countries

Brighton University student Jesse Mugambi

Jesse Mugambi, a student from the University of Brighton, has clinched a huge grant to bring an innovative and sustainable project to life in Nairobi.

The ambitious venture, known as Studio Can-V, aims to revolutionize the local entertainment industry by introducing a nightclub and music studio crafted from repurposed shipping containers.

This initiative not only promises to be a game-changer for aspiring DJs and music enthusiasts but also sets a new standard for eco-friendly design and community inclusivity in nightlife spaces.

“Having faced challenges in pursuing my own passion for music, I'm driven by the belief that there are countless young and old people longing for opportunities to explore their musical itch,” he said.


Jesse Mugambi, who has recently graduated with a degree in architecture and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in sustainable design, has always been passionate about music.

His project, developed during his undergraduate studies, reflects a deep understanding of the challenges young artists face and his commitment to creating opportunities for them to explore and express their musical talents.

The project emerged victorious in Jägermeister’s Save The Night competition, standing out among more than 300 submissions from 50 countries.

This accolade is a testament to Mugambi's innovative approach and the project's potential to make a positive impact on the nightlife and music industry in Kenya and beyond.


With a generous grant of €50,000 (approximately Sh7,589,073) from Jägermeister, Studio Can-V is set to transform Nairobi's music scene.

Studio Can-V is envisioned as a versatile space that seamlessly transitions from a daytime hub for young DJs to a vibrant nightclub, promoting a sense of community and creativity among Nairobi's youth.

By utilizing decommissioned shipping containers and local designs, Mugambi aims to foster a sense of pride and cultural identity, while also highlighting the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in architectural design.

Studio Can-V aims to provide a platform for young DJs from various backgrounds, enabling them to share their voices and contribute to the future of a more equal society.


Kai Dechsling, director of global culture and experiential marketing at Mast-Jägermeister, highlighted the importance of inclusive, diverse, and safe nightlife spaces as platforms for self-expression and creativity worldwide.


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