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Anita Nderu Surprised on Live TV after her Sexual Harassment Story [VIDEO]

What happened to Anita Nderu on Friday night

Ms. Nderu, who talking to Auntie Boss actress Nice Wanjeri and Papa Shirandula’s Jacky Vike, did not anticipate the turn of events during the show.

Vike commonly known by her stage name Awinja offered Anita her petticoat (kamisi) during the live coverage.

A distressed Awinja stated that she gets irked when women walk around with some of their private parts showing hence the petticoat will help Anita cover herself better.


The comedian went further to advise the radio presenter on how she could use the undergarment. Anita was left speechless.

This comes days after Anita revealed to the BBC that she was sexually harassed in a matatu.

According to the 27-year old, an unknown man grabbed her boobs without her consent.

“I just felt something cold on my left boob, I looked down and I see a hand and it is this man hanging on my boob. I told him to remove the hand and he is like why do women have boobs then are there for men to touch. He finally removes his hand and am shouting to the conduct but he is like, I have nothing I can. I got out of the Matatu and cried not even one person asked why I was crying. It is the most helpless feeling because you cannot just touch someone without their permission” said Anita who shared her Experience with BBC #WomenChallenge,” she said.

When the story aired there were divided reactions on her experience with some bashing her for dressing indecently.


Others, however, expressed disgust on how the society allows men to violate women and go scot-free.

Here is the video:


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