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Jalango's heartfelt message to pilot killed in Nakuru Helicopter crash

Jalang'o and the late Apollo were very close friends

According to Jalang’o, Captain Malowa was one of his close friends who have never disappointed him whenever he asked for his help.

In a post on his Instagram account, Jalang’o states who he vividly remembers the day he was stuck in Mahimahiu with his pals, and upon calling Captain Malowa, he came with a chopper and picked them up.

“This day is still fresh in my mind! We had just had a good day  ....driving back  and I were stuck by the road side! ...we are here trying to help  to have the car done but nothing is happening! ...just one call...I say 1 call...You know how I used to call you.."pollo"...where are you? Bro Iam home...Iam stuck at Mahimaiu with my pals..pls...come for me...the car is over heated.. pls bring the chopper we go home..." bro Iam not working tonight but coz it's you...give me 5mins...and true as you the middle of mahimahiu highway you brought the monster and in a jiffy we were home!” remembers Jalang’o


He added that people have said a lot of thing that led to the Chopper crash with many claiming that may be the pilot was drunk.

“People have said drunk you were before the chopper took off...I want to defend you with your own Drunkard flies...when am high.. I don't even come close to the airport!.....God is happy! The son of pilot...I mourn you! Rest well...go well Captain! God's time is the best....all is well” added Jalang’o

The radio comedian pens off by giving assumptions of the things that could have killed his friend.

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